Sinnis Leasing

Contract hire from OTW Fleet Services leasing could be a smart solution for your business as it allows you to manage your outgoings with easy, fixed monthly rentals. There is no depreciation to worry about and you can tailor your contract to fit your specific needs.

Advantages of Sinnis Contract Hire and Leasing

  • Low initial outlay
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Flexible payment profiles
  • Zero depreciation risk
  • Zero vehicle disposal problems
  • Full maintenance included
  • VAT on rentals
  • Tax efficient
  • Rentals allowance against tax
  • Off-balance sheet
  • Includes road fund license
  • Reduced administration
  • Full GPS tracking


Sinnis Hero Leasing
Sinnis Scrambler Leasing

Why Choose Us?

Our aim is to be outstanding in all areas of our business. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and friendly service from the very first phone call.

If you know what you want, we will work to create your package. If you don't know what you want, we will spend time towards creating a package that best suits your business. If your business changes, we will adapt your package accordingly.

Why purchase a depreciating asset when we will replace your vehicle every two years with no hassle? We ensure that your fleet is looking professional and updated.

Always have a fleet that is updated representing the professional business you run without a huge initial outlay and depreciating assets. Improving financial gearing and release capital for further investment.

No hidden costs at the end of your agreement. Just return the bike with the choice to renew.

Contact Us Now To Find Out More or Get a Quote

Here are the Sinnis bikes we offer on lease:

  • Sinnis Apache SM Leasing
  • Sinnis Apache SMR Leasing
  • Sinnis Blade 125 Leasing
  • Sinnis Bomber Leasing
  • Sinnis Hoodlum 125 Leasing
  • Sinnis RSX 125 Leasing
  • Sinnis Scrambler EFI Leasing
  • Sinnis Terrain 125 Leasing
  • Sinnis Encanto 50 E4 Leasing
  • Sinnis Harrier 125 E4 Leasing
  • Sinnis Hero Leasing
  • Sinnis Shuttle 125 E4 Leasing
  • Sinnis Street 50 E4 Leasing
  • Sinnis Zen 125 Leasing
Sinnis RSX 125 Leasing