Go Green with NIU

On The Wheel Fleet Services have partnered with NIU Electric Scooters and E Bike 4 Delivery to offer a high-tech, cost-effective and carbon-free solutions to your business. Companies are adopting greener transportation with our electric scooters due to the government policies and cost-effectiveness of running a cutting-edge green vehicle. NIU has sold over 400,000 scooters globally and is the current market-leader in the e-scooter market. Technology is key in this market and luckily for you, we can provide the solution. Contact us for pricing and demos.

NIU N Series


  • Reduce your companies carbon footprint.
  • Marketing kudos for promotion of your ethical company.
  • Reduced noise pollution.
  • Extra batteries can be leased so no range issues.
  • Recharge costs from 20p a day inducing massive savings to be had against rising fuel costs.
  • Many local governments are demanding carbon-free vehicles for your business.
  • Removable batteries for easy recharging.

E Bike 4 Delivery

Cost-effective, sustainable and innovative

E Bike 4 Delivery have 20 years experience with electric bikes. We have developed the deliverEbike specifically for delivery services and we continually update their service using the latest technology. The deliverEbike offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and innovative solution for the delivery of pizzas, meals, pharmaceuticals and packages.

E Bike 4 Delivery have been supplying the DeliverEbike in Europe for the last four years amongst others major chains like Domino's Pizza, across 14 countries.



The DeliverEbike can handle a few knocks and is unbeatable in speed and costs over short distances. In cities, the DeliverEbike will even out-compete other modes of transport over longer distances.

The DeliverEbike is extensively tested at their E-Bike Development Center in Cuijk, its components are carefully chosen or specifically made to create a DeliverEbike that is indestructible and that can do its job under the toughest of conditions. Using only the highest quality parts ensures that the DeliverEbike is sturdy, safe and durable.