About Us

Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne
Sales and Account Manager

11+ years working in various roles within the company with experience in management, sales, parts and workshop


Linda Mccabe
Linda Mccabe
Fleet Services Co-ordinator

My vision for Fleet is to provide the best possible customer service. I want our customers to walk away not having compromised but feeling that we have understood their requirements and meet their expectations, my aim is for us to be the best, offering a friendly efficient service. To be proud of what we offer and the service we provide, I want our customers to know how important they are to us, for them to come back to us time and time again knowing how important their business is to us.


On The Wheel Fleet Services is a major player within the UK market for leasing motorcycles and scooters. With a massive amount of motorcycles and scooters in our range, allowing us to offer your business a multi-franchise vehicle solution, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we can give you your perfect fleet. On The Wheel Fleet Services provides companies with services that facilitate businesses and optimise user operating costs (TCO).

Advantages of OTW Leasing

  • Our services make up a complete package that drives efficiency into your fleet.
  • You can choose to use these services in a combined or independent way for your specific needs.
  • We can offer your business a multi-franchise solution.
  • There are flexible rental periods ranging from 18 to 48 months and mileage up to 100,000 miles, defined at the outset of the contract and can be adjusted at any time depending on the vehicle use.
  • We can adapt to your needs in order to optimise your productivity and help you to control the cost of using your fleet vehicles.

Using OTW Leasing Products Enables You To

  • Partner with an innovative and creative brand offering fleet solutions for both motorcycles and scooters.
  • Take advantages of models that make use of low CO2 emissions, low taxation and innovative equipment.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and ease the daily life of your riders.
  • Improve safety and reduce the overall risk.